Charm Basket Details

Browse the 11 regions of Portugal in this basket composed of delicious products and recognized category. The selection we make guarantees the perfect balance between quality and price, in an unforgettable offer, with the flavors of Portugal.

Quality guaranteed by the 100 years of experience of the oldest chocolate factory in Portugal.

With whole almond and high quality chocolate liquor the result is a product of exceptional excellence.

ANA ROLA wine, from the Qt. De Remostias, located in the Remostias valley, Douro Region.

“Authors’ Wines”, created in Small Lots, with Image of Refinement, in perfect harmony with the Quality of each Wine.

Acushla, olive oil is produced in Quinta do Prado, located in Trás os Montes, property of about 300 hectares, which has high potential for olive production.

An extra biological virgin with a long list of prizes.

Tons of marbled red is already a standard for any smoker.

They were full of natural guts and faithful to the Beirut traditions, when they began to smoke the meat in the old chimneys to increase their shelf life.

The salty cod, old love of Portuguese cuisine for this fish of frozen waters. Today there are more than 500 Portuguese recipes that incorporate cod.

The cod roasted on the grill, “faithful friend” takes place captive in the Portuguese kitchen.

Handmade goat cheese produced from the lowland cheese tradition. Manufacturing process goes beyond generations and uses only natural ingredients.

Silver Medal of the 1st National Competition of Traditional Portuguese Cheeses.

Products, from Setúbal, with high quality, tasty and parallel beneficial for health. Lupine is the ingredient chosen to satisfy these conditions, being at the same time a harvest that thrives in Portugal.

Recipe that comes from the most traditional Portuguese cuisine being still used in our kitchens.

Composed mainly of the piri-piri pulp, they present a complexity of spicy aromas that arouse the desire to repeat.

Produced in Qt. D. Maria, also known as Qt. Do Carmo, represents the quality of the wines of Alto Alentejo.

Received in 2009 the distinction of “Producer of the Year” of the prestigious “Revista de Vinhos”, as well as several awards of Excellence.

Only the best meat selected from Pork Iberian, pigs raised in the regime of mountain, make this “paio” an extraordinary delicacy.

Artisan product of fig, traditional fruit of the Algarve region, a very old gastronomic base of figs and traditional recipes made in a small production unit keeping its natural characteristics.