Gourmet Basket Details

From Minho to the Algarve, this basket evidences the products, of high quality, that are part of best Portuguese tables. We guarantee that you not be able to resist this careful and exclusive of products that we prepare for you.

Qt Solar de Merufe dates from the 12th century. It conserves old vines that along with the less old ones allow to create distinct wines with unique characteristics and the authenticity of Vale do Lima Vinho Verde.

Certified organic production.

ANA ROLA wine, from the Qt. De Remostias, located in the Remostias valley, Douro Region.

“Authors’ Wines”, created in Small Lots, with Image of Refinement, in perfect harmony with the Quality of each Wine.

Acushla, olive oil is produced in Quinta do Prado, located in Trás os Montes, property of about 300 hectares, which has high potential for olive production.

An extra biological virgin with a long list of prizes.

Filled with prolonged time of cure, smoker with holm wood and leaner meats which justify excellence and uniqueness.

Prepared with pork loin and subjected to a seasoning of wine, garlic and spices.

Red fruits; its texture and flavor, are the basis for a compote that does not go unnoticed.

Fruit candy harnesses all of the harvests and is an ancestral practice that creates a flavor as rich as this creates envy in the orchard.

Obtained by slow depletion of the curd after coagulation of raw sheep’s milk, on the other hand, by an infusion of thistle.

The fusion of what grows naturally between the Sierras of Estrela and Gardunha.

Silver Medal of the 1st National Competition of Traditional Portuguese Cheeses.

The “pastel de nata” dates back to 1837 when the monks of the Jerónimos Monastery. The king of Portuguese confectionery is born.

200 years later, this liquor lives up to the history of its inspirer and offers this unique flavor to connoisseurs.

Harvested in the wild areas of Ribatejo, Rosmaninho honey is obtained using traditional practices such as transhumance. The diversity of flora that these techniques allow to make this honey a product of great quality.

Handmade methods and from the finest virgin olive oil, serpentine goat’s milk, beeswax and biological essential oils. Natural soap of high quality, which ensures a deep cleansing and moisturizing of the skin.

Made of selected Black Pork meat, subject to maturation, controlled cure and natural cure.

Historically preserved in Portugal this pig enjoys an acorn diet that makes its flesh and fat unmistakable.

Called “Arrepiados” due to its irregular and prickly appearance the taste of this biscuit is magnificent. With almond from the Algarve, its balance between the sweetness and the texture offered by the fruit makes this little cookie a world of texture and flavor.

1st prize Arte Doce 2017