Pic-Nic Basket Details

In the Pic-Nic basket, you find 11 exception products with best that Portugal has, in a set of brands recognized their exclusivity. This sophisticated selection makes basket the most distinctive and the most desired.

From Qt of Fumeiros, in Ponte de Lima, stuffed and smoked of quality.

Starting from the knowledge of Aurora Miranda do Rego that in the 80s created this family business.

Artisanal production of turkey in a traditional way.

Made with grapes from vines over 80 years old, planted at 600 meters of altitude in micaxist soils of the old Douro vineyards.

A wine with great recognition and distinction, with annual medallion productions

Robert Parker – 91/100

From rough farmland in one of the largest continuous olive groves in Trás-os-Montes, the purest liquid gold emerges.

Early harvesting and the extraction of cold oil in which only one-tenth of the olive is harvested.

Gold medal in 2009 in the contest Mário Solinas

Gold medal in NY in all participations, PREMIER Prize in Japan, as the best of its class

The ham is the emperor of the smoked ones.

The careful cut of the leg, by its complexity, is carried out professionals.

Boneless product in which the iconic flavor of the king of charcuterie is now available to any kitchen.

Red fruits, its texture and flavor, are the basis for a compote that does not go unnoticed. Fruit candy harnesses all of the harvests and is an ancestral practice that creates a flavor as rich as this creates envy in the orchard.

A sheep and goat milk mixture cheese that is produced in the inherited way. This is the most characteristic cheese in the region and its intense but very pleasant flavor and aroma justifies its prestigious name.

Best cheese in the world in a (blind) proof of Vanity Fair and Wine Spectator magazines.

For thirty years, its superior quality, which is only found in the French “Cognac” and “Armagnac” regions, has been fruitful.

Single brandy DOC produced in Portugal and one of the three regions in Europe.

Wine produced with the best Portuguese grape varieties.

Knowledge and the experience of generations to the wine production, by the scrupulous care with the vineyards. Bet on viticulture as a differential, overlapping it with oenology.

Gin produced in Alentejo using a recipe stuffed with Portuguese ingredients.

“Sharish” was the first name of the village of Monsaraz, in time of the Muslim occupation. Bottle is a tribute to the beautiful village that baptized it.

Distinguished by The International Wine and Spirit Competition

Made of the noblest piece of the Black Pig, a breed that is not found in any other region of the world. The animal grazes from 18 to 24 months in total freedom, from November to March (mountain season) comes to eat almost 10 kilos of acorn a day.

The lands of the Algarve are capable of producing high quality crops of fig and almond.

These two ingredients shine in the recipe of Fig Cheese, a traditional Algarve cake that displays the best of the region in a sweet way.

1st prize Arte Doce 2017